La Boquita Offers Nicaragua Real Estate on the Pacific Ocean

The value Nicaragua real estate is picking up exponentially and several beach resort towns, reminiscent of California and Florida will soon dot the coastline. The only difference is the Nicaragua property on the beach costs a fraction of what it does in the United States. Slowly but steadily infrastructure is being developed and now is the time to move in and invest in Nicaragua property. One of the popular places on the Pacific Coast is La Boquita which is a wonderful beach with its own tourist centre.

It is a small and attractive beach resort and a wonderful place to spend a relaxed day. There are tiny restaurants offering fresh sea food at ridiculously low prices. You can have a good meal, and enjoy the sun and the waves. La Boquita has its own tourist centre and is now developing into a full fledged beach resort town.

One of La Boquita’s chief attractions is its easy accessibility. It is just an hour away from both, Managua or Granada. The roads are paved and pass through the Carazo region. The government of the region that includes La Boquita now has plans for a new development on the Pacific Ocean. The venture is sure to be successful as the surroundings are very scenic. It has a beautiful beach, a calm meandering river and hills overlooking the ocean.

Nicaragua real estate is for sale here and special incentives are being given to foreigners particularly retirees. The development has plots of various sizes and one can build a lovely beach front home or even develop the area into tourist cottages for travelers overlooking the waters. The lots are approximately 82 feet by 236 feet along the beachfront. One has the choice of investing in larger area on the hills that overlook the river. This particular development is over 250 acres. The township will be self sufficient by the time it has been developed completely with its own small shopping centre, hotel, condominiums, clubhouse and recreational areas. There is a possibility of building a small marina if possible. This is sure to give a boost to sailing and other water sports. Future plans include building a golf course; the landscape and surroundings are perfect for it.