Investment Doors Open in Nicaragua

A small window of opportunity has just opened in Nicaragua for foreign investors, businessmen and property developers. Nicaragua has been battling to regain financial independence and economic stability for years, and it seems that finally the country is becoming a stable and growing business destination. Its export industry has grown to $1 billion and ex-patriots of Nicaragua are turning their business interests back towards this rapidly expanding country.

The new Nicaraguan government has become business orientated, encouraging local and international interest in the country’s economy. Recent reports have named the country to have the fastest growing economy in the entire Central American region, but investors are warned that the time to invest is now. At present, property prices are low, but once the market gains momentum and property and investment opportunities become scarce, the value and prices will increase.

One strip of real estate in Nicaragua is extremely popular at this time. Its magnificent beaches and location makes the stretch of coastal property from Costa Rico to Honduras especially suitable for luxury hotels and seaside resorts. The wildlife, tropical forests and wonderful all year round climate, has caused the country to see a dramatic increase in tourism every year. More tourists means more business opportunities, and restaurants, tour operators, accommodation facilities and adventure attractions have grown considerably.

The new laws that were adopted by Nicaragua in 1990 make purchasing property and foreign investment much easier than in the past. Land and property that was stripped from owners during the previous government, have already allowed many people to reclaim what was rightfully theirs under the new laws. When looking at investing in the country, businessmen and property developers should always ensure that they work with lawyers and legitimate estate agents to ensure that there are no property disputes concerning the plot that they are interested in. Every section of land and property has its full history recorded and is available from the Registro Publico de Las Propiedades. It will also inform prospective buyers of any outstanding debts or taxes that are still set against the property. Even though investment opportunities are endless, it is better to ensure that the correct procedures are followed at all times.

Nicaragua is a breathtaking country, and everything in regard to the tourism industry and the econom, seems to be on the rise. It is a country that has managed to rebuild itself and to grow, luring property investors and businessmen to find their own piece of paradise, and ex-patriots to return to their roots to start a new future in Nicaragua.