Hidden Gem of Dipilto

Nicaragua may be largely underdeveloped but it is a beautiful country with many delightful treats for those with discernment and a taste for adventure. You’ll find that even the smallest destinations have something worthwhile on offer. Such is the case with Dipilto, one of the smallest towns in the country.

Dipilto in Nicaragua is located in the mountainous Nueva Segovia Department where the country shares is northern border with Honduras. The municipality covers an area of only 106 square kilometers and the majority of the 5000 people who live here live in rural areas and work on farms. Dipilto is both a municipality and a town and is known for one thing – coffee! Despite the fact that the coffee farmers in the area operate very small coffee plantations, their coffee is of an excellent quality and so it has gained a fine reputation! What makes them especially different is that most of the farms mix cherries in with their coffee in order to produce enough of them for export. This has given the coffee a distinct and delicious flavor that helps to distinguish it from other Nicaraguan coffees. If you visit the town, you certainly must try to get a cup of Dipilto-made coffee! The brighter, more acidic notes mingle with a delicious hint of flowers and cedar. The coffee is juicier and much tastier than many other types of coffee. What’s more, it is grown under a variety of shade trees and is hand-washed and sun dried. Roasting is a matter of personal choice and all the coffee beans grown here can be light or dark roasted.

This tasty coffee is clearly one great reason to visit Dipilto in Nicaragua. Yet it is not the only one! The town is set high in the mountains and so you can be sure that there is plenty of great scenery to enjoy. In fact, the region has a reputation for being rich in biodiversity, giving the landscape a varied and enjoyable aspect. The area is also home to Nicaragua’s highest peaks. Nature lovers will find the Coordillera Dipilto-Jalapa Natural Reserve to be a treat. Those who prefer to explore culture will find that the region has a rich culture shaped by several strong religious traditions. This tiny corner of the country has a lot to offer, so make sure you don’t overlook it on your next trip to Nicaragua.