Escape to Tranquil El Ostional

Travelers looking for a unique Nicaraguan vacation with a truly local flavor will find that El Ostional is the best place to go. El Ostional is located south of La Flor and, unlike towns like San Juan del Sur or Granada on the other side of the country which is strongly dominated by foreign investment, this great little town manages to ensure that it maintains its distinctly local flair.

The small town of El Ostional in Nicaragua is only home to about 700 people, yet it is surprisingly well developed for tourism. Locals run the vast majority of tourist-orientated activities and provide services such as accommodation, tours and food. This is in stark contrast to other, better known cities in other parts of the country where it is foreigners who have developed the local tourist industry. Village life in El Ostional continues more or less uninterrupted and many visitors find that it is a treat to observe. There is definitely a certain ambience here – a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere that pervades every activity and way of life – that helps to make the village a great vacation destination. In fact the tranquility and authenticity of village life here are two of the village’s main identifying factors. However, that does not mean that there is nothing to do here. A quick trip to the front of the town will have you arrive at the El Ostional beach. This stunning stretch of wide beach is fringed by cliffs and forest, giving it a somewhat private and personal edge that invites even the most timid sun lovers out onto the sand. Swimming in the tranquil waters of the ocean is a must, while watching the turtles who go astray from nearby La Flor nest in the sands remind you of just how intertwined our natural world is with the rest of our lives. Alternatively you can arrange to take a trip to La Flor if you are visiting during the right time of the year to enjoy turtle breeding. If you don’t see any turtles on the sand, you will certainly see plenty of coastal activity under the water if you take your snorkeling gear and explore the striking turquoise sea. Another option is that of going fishing with some of the local fishermen.

Other activities to be enjoyed at El Ostional in Nicaragua are hiking, sight seeing, farm tours and community tours. Another treat is to spend your evenings on the beach around a fire listening to the many fascinating stories that locals have to tell. El Ostional offer’s families a more personal getaway experience and is certainly not the kind of place that you’ll find top-quality dining or high-end hotels. However, what you will find is delicious fresh fish prepared in a traditional and tasty manner, cozy and welcoming hostels and friendly faces. You’ll find this one of a kind destination just 24 kilometers south of San Juan del Sur.