Enjoy the Top Attractions of Diriamba

Located to the west of Jinotepe in the Carazo department of Nicaragua, the town of Diriamba has some of the most colorful folklore and religious festivals in the country, with the most renowned being The Güegüense. Combining Spanish and indigenous cultures this satirical drama uses theater, music and dancing in performances that have been declared by UNESCO to be a “forceful expression of protest against colonial rule”. The Güegüense is performed during the festival of the town’s patron saint, St Sebastian, each year in January, making it a good time to visit this beautiful region of Nicaragua, known for the exceptional hospitality of its people.

Attractions to explore while visiting Diriamba include the Basilica of San Sebastian which took 48 years to build (1891-1938). The basilica is home to an image of St Sebastian which was discovered floating in the Pacific Ocean sometime in the 17th century, and plays an important role in the annual festival of the town’s patron saint.

Diriamba’s clock tower stands at a height of 15.5 meters and is a prominent landmark used as a reference point for direction in the town. The construction of the clock tower began in 1932 and was completed during the administration of Nicaraguan president Juan Sacasa Baptist in 1935. The belfry is located at 13 meters above the ground with one hundred steps leading to it. The clock in the tower was brought in from Germany and has kept time continuously and accurately for more than seventy years.

The Tropical Habitat Museum, located in Diriamba, is dedicated to displaying a collection of bird, reptile, mammal, amphibian and plant specimens representing the species found in the Pacific Southwest of Nicaragua. These are used for both research and education, and the museum offers visitors insight into the flora and fauna of the region.

Just twenty minutes from Diriamba is the spectacular eco-reserve of La Máquina, where visitors can enjoy scenic nature hikes and bird watching. A little further down the same road brings visitors to the picturesque beaches of Casares, La Boquita, Huehuete and Tupilapa, all of which are popular for surfing, windsurfing and swimming. Certainly, Diriamba has plenty to offer visitors of all ages.