Enjoy the Beauty of Santa Lucia

The town of Santa Lucia is the capital of the Boaco Department in Nicaragua. It is approximately ninety four kilometers from the city of Managua and has an estimated population of ten thousand residents. Santa Lucia is a town that relies mostly on the agricultural sector to produce an income and has just over two thousand farmers in the area. As with many cities and towns in Nicaragua, Santa Lucia has a rich history and has retained most of its culture and small town traditions.

During the occupation of Spain, Santa Lucia was no more than a quaint settlement, known as Potreritos. Its name was later changed to honor Saint Lucy, and in 1904 president Jose Santos Zelaya named the town the capital of the region to give administrative support to the hundreds of farmers whose farms lay scattered across the region. It may not be a metropolis of luxury hotels and elegant restaurants, but Santa Lucia is a never ending magical world of natural splendor and magnificent landscapes.

Santa Lucia in Nicaragua does have a few noteworthy attractions and fascinating sights to visit. One of those attractions is the amazing pertoglyphs that can be found when exploring the breathtaking forests surrounding the town. Cerro Santo Domingo is another site to look out for, and Las Mascaras, located in the Rio Fonseca Valley, is an archeological site of wonder where visitors can view detailed carvings. At the Paso Las Lajas, astounding petroglyphs can be viewed of the Spanish, dogs and of the indigenous inhabitants of the area.

Hiking through the woods and nature facilities of Santa Lucia can be an extremely rewarding experience, as the wildlife and birds of the area are beautiful. Also astounding is the Salto de los Americas waterfall, which is approximately an hours hiking expedition from Santa Lucia, but worth every step. Another hiking trail that is a wonderful excursion is the one leading to the Pena La Brada cliff. Visitors should get detailed directions as the trail winds through farmlands, over barbed wire fences and through the dense forests of Santa Lucia. One of the other attractions in Santa Lucia is the El Cielo Plantation, where visitors will learn the art of growing coffee.

Santa Lucia is a picture perfect destination in Nicaragua that is surrounded by magnificent natural landscapes and scenic views. It is a tranquil town that celebrates the simplicity of life and the privilege of being surrounded by tranquil beauty every day.