Big Corn Island is a Rare Tropical Paradise off the Nicaragua Mainland

Nicaragua property on the mainland is very different from the exotic Corn Islands, fifty miles east of the Atlantic coast. The biggest island in this tropical paradise is conveniently known as Big Corn Island and is less than twenty square kilometers in area. The locals are descendants of British settlers and English is the main local language. Most of them catch lobster and fish for a living and Corn Island offers an idyllic life for those who enjoy simple pleasures. Nicaragua real estate here is closely held by the locals who first offer it within the families, so beware of offers of Nicaragua property on Corn Island; get the title checked very carefully by a lawyer. The Big Corn Island is accessible from Bluefield by a short flight but a world apart from the mainland.

Corn Island gets its name from the fact that corn was grown here, but the fields were destroyed long ago in hurricanes and only palms and exotic fruit trees are found here now Surrounded by soft, white sand, the pristine beaches are usually quite deserted and many can be accessed only by boat as a large part of the island is covered by palms and other trees. Get a local boatman to take you around the island and choose the spot that catches your fancy. There are opportunities for snorkeling and diving too. Corn Island has a quite good infrastructure with a paved main road going around the whole island and there are plenty taxis too. A walk up the local hill, Mount Pleasant offers spectacular views of the turquoise waters fringed by emerald trees and sandy beaches.

Do not miss ‘RunDown’, the official meal of Corn Island that is usually served on special occasions. It is delicious stew of local seafood or meat and vegetables like breadfruit, cassava, plantains, coco, banana and sweet potato cooked in coconut milk. Other local delicacies are hot patties and coco bread. If you crave for local Nicaragua nightlife check out Nico’s on Sunday nights or go dancing at “Island Style Tiki Bar”. Step into Myers, Hotel Morgan & Seva’s for drinks and dinner. Life here is not so quiet after all.