A Fishing Camp at Tasbapowny on the Caribbean Coast

The west coast of Nicaragua is virtually undiscovered and Nicaragua propertyis best value for money, particularly as an investment. This part of Nicaragua has never had any Spanish influence and is more like the Caribbean towns, only quite undeveloped. The Bahamas and the Caribbean islands have been on the tourist destination list for very long and it is difficult to find the unspoiled native culture there anymore-mot so on the western coast of Nicaragua.

The local government is determined to keep the development there controlled. In the northern end of the region is a lovely little town called Tasbapowny which is a great place to invest in Nicaragua real estate. The government has initiated several projects to encourage foreigners to come and intelligently develop this beautiful area. They do not want anything to harm the ecology or original natural surroundings and are clear that any development will be in harmony with nature.

Tasbapowny is a little village with a massive amount of natural resources. The tropical climate ensures lush vegetation and the unpolluted waters are dancing with fish. There are no cars or motorcycles at all. Use your feet, bikes or a boat to get around.
Not much Nicaragua real estate has changed hands here. The present land owners have inherited their title from their forefathers. The lovely little place boasts of a thirteen room hotel in the center of town. A school, baseball field and the local churches are the focal points of the local life where fishing is the main occupation.

There are plenty of boats on the beach and on the lagoon just a short walk from the center of town. The place is ripe for tourism but only those who believe in keeping the ecology undisturbed can be expected to like it here. A fishing camp or hiking tours would be attractive possibilities for those interested in setting up ecotourism here. The Matagalpa River flows just north of Tasbapowny and fishing in its calm estuaries and lagoons will be rewarding. The prime concern is not to let this lovely area go the Costa Rica way.