Horseback Riding in Nicaragua, Tourist Activities

There is no better way to explore the mountains, riversides and volcano bases in Nicaragua than from the back of a horse. Riding will enable you to absorb the tranquil surroundings, listen to the call of the birds and monkeys and to be at one with nature. This activity enables you to create a special bond between man and beast, with man ensuring that the horse keeps to safe ground while the horse enables man to explore his strength and speed as though it were his own. Horseback Riding is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding activities to enjoy in Nicaragua.

Pochomil Beach is one of the destinations in Nicaragua that provides visitors will the wonderful opportunity to ride along a beautiful stretch of sand, with the tide gently rolling in at your horse’s heels. Pochomil is the perfect setting for horseback riding in Nicaragua, as it is quiet and safe and the lack of overcrowding makes the ride even more enjoyable for novice and experienced riders.

Many resorts, such as the Selva Negra Resort, also support horseback riding in Nicaragua. The resort encourages its visitors to explore their grounds by enjoying many of the trails that have specifically been laid out for horse riding adventures. Visitors are allowed to take the horses for an hour at a time in exchange for a small fee and guides are generally available for nervous riders. Another popular destination that offers horse riding as one of its leisure activities is Ometepe Island. Here riders will be able to explore the island, ride through breathtaking jungle pathways, take a leisurely run on the beach or investigate the petroglyths that are located on the island. As horses do not disturb the wildlife, it is easier to see the fascinating birds and animal species that live on this island paradise in this way.

San Juan del Sur also has guided horseback tours available. These will take you high into the mountains where you will find yourself surrounded by spectacular forests. Riders enjoying this special adventure are guaranteed an inspiring panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. Other developing areas of Nicaragua, such as Rancho Santana and Montecristo, have realized the importance and popularity of horseback riding and horseback tours. As a result they have set up centers where visitors can meet experienced riders and guides that will provide them with a horse that suits their level of riding skill and make sure that they wont get lost. All this goes a long way to ensuring that visitors enjoy every moment of their horse riding adventure.

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