When speaking to residents of Nicaragua about the Chontales department, they will tell you that it is the cattle and dairy region of the country. It is often said that the rivers of Chontales are filled with milk and that the rocks are made from cheese! Over and above the bustling agricultural industry that supplies most of Nicaragua with dairy products, it is a breathtaking department that has magnificent landscapes and fascinating cities with endless attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy.

Juigalpa is the capital city of Chontales, with the other nine municipalities being Villa Sandino, El Coral, Santo Domingo, Comalapa, San Pedro de Lovago, Acoyapa, Santo Tomas, La Libertad and San Francisco de Cuapa. In Juigalpa, visitors can look forward to comfortable accommodation, discotheques, restaurants and attractions, which includes the Archaeological Museum Gregorio Aguilar, the Zoological Thomas Belt, El Salto waterfall and the Amerrisque Mountains. Explore the lives and peacefulness of the fisher villages in destinations such as Puerto Diaz or visit the La Palma eagle petroglyth in Comalapa; the Chontales department is one big adventure.

There are many significant points of interests across the department, including the Rock of Cupa, centric architecture in Acoyapa, water springs in Rio San Juan, archaeological parks, El Nancital archipelago, explore the world of gold extraction in La Libertad, Piedra Blanca monolith and 4×4 adventures in San Domingo. Each town and city is unique in its own way, and deciding where to visit could be problematic, so it might be a wise option to start in one city and tour the breathtaking Chontales Department from coast to border.

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