Atlantico Norte

The Atlantico Norte region of Nicaragua is often referred to as RAAN. The word RAAN is derived from the official name for the province, which is Autonomous Region of the Northern Atlantic and locals affectionately call Atlantico Norte, the Mosquito Coast. This unique and picturesque region covers an area of approximately thirty two thousand square kilometers and has an estimated population of two hundred and fifty thousand. And it is a group of its permanent residents that make the Autonomous Region of the Northern Atlantic so attractive to visitors.

Divided into eight municipalities, namely Rosita, Mulukuku, Bonanza, Waslala, Puerto Cabezas, Waspam, Prinzapolka and Siuna, Atlantico Norte is home to large cities of which Puerto Cabezas is the capital. The unusual landscape of the region, almost separates it from the rest of Nicaragua, as dense green forests and breathtaking mountain ranges dominate the area, with many travelers having to look for alternative ways of transport, due to many narrow and unpaved roads that wind through the spectacular countryside.

What makes the Mosquito Coast so exclusive is the fact that the indigenous tribes, the Miskitos, lives in this region and make up the majority of the population, hence the nickname for the region. Their history, culture and tradition add to the magnificence of the Atlantico Norte region, as they go about their daily lives, like their ancestors before them, along the rivers and highlands of this distinctive province.

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