The cities of El Rosario, La Conquista, Diriamba, Jinotepe, Santa Teresa, La Paz de Carazo, Dolores and San Marcos are located in the Carazo Department of Nicaragua and are also the eight municipalities of the region. The capital of the region is Jinotepe and each city in the Carazo Department has a variety of activities and attractions for visitors and tourists to enjoy. The department is famous for its rich culture, festive celebrations; breathtaking beaches and well supported eco-tourism structure.

Endless coffee plantations and cattle operations have transformed the Carazo Department into an agricultural powerhouse and destinations such as Diriamba have become increasingly popular. Diriamba is legendary for its stunning architecture that dates back approximately a hundred a fifty years and thousands flock to the city for its Güegüense celebrations. Most cities in the region offer activities such as hiking, mountain biking and horse riding, allowing visitors to explore the natural richness of the department that sometimes takes them off the beaten path.

Beaches such as Casares and La Boquita provide more than sunshine and picturesque coastline, as accommodation and tasty restaurants can also be found here. Others that share the beaches with visitors include local fishermen and some beaches, including Chacocente and Huehuete are protected in order to conserve sea turtles that return here to lay their eggs annually. Popular attractions in the region include the Salto de la Culebra waterfall, the Hertylandia amusement park and the Centro Ecoturistico La Maquina private reserve. Visitors to the Carazo Department will find it to be a wonderful balance between conservation, tradition and development.

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