Almost in the centre of Nicaragua, lies the Boaco region. It has an estimated population of three hundred and seventeen thousand and is made up of rolling hills, breathtaking natural landscapes and well maintained agricultural areas. Until the Spanish occupation, the Boaco region was home to large nuhuas tribes and sumos tribes, but it would be the Spanish influence that would begin the cattle farming industry the region is still known for.

Boaco has the Teustepe, Santa Lucia, Camoapa, San Lorenzo, San Jose de los Remates and Boaco municipalities under its umbrella, sharing the same name with its capital city. The city of Boaco is approximately eighty kilometers from Managua, and is affectionately referred to as the City of the Two Storeys because of its rugged layout and uneven landscape.

The fact that tourism has not overrun this region sees to it that the land is untouched and breathtaking, but also hides magnificent attractions. The annual milk festival is a lively celebration that visitors would enjoy being a part of, and in the Teustepe municipality visitors can view the oldest petroglyph in the country. The Canon de los Talnites and the majestic Al Cerro Alegre forest reserve can be found in San Jose de los Remates, and scattered throughout the region, visitors will find hat workshops that create wearable works of art from cabuya. Not many people realize that the Boaco region holds such wonders, and discovering this inspiring municipality is worth every adventure taken.

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