Xiloa Lagoon

A mere twenty kilometers outside of the city of Managua is a picturesque attraction that is not only popular with international visitors, but locals often make the trip here to spend the weekend alongside its tranquil waters and fun filled shores. Xiloa Lagoon is a wonderful natural destination where a small tourism infrastructure has been created to welcome visitors to this breathtaking lagoon; providing facilities and services to make the visit memorable. Located close to Managua, visitors can enjoy a day trip to Xiloa Lagoon or stay a few evenings and make the most of its natural wonder.

Firstly, due to the shores of the Xiloa Lagoon being so easily accessible, swimming is a favorite activity at the lagoon, and families spend the day frolicking in the water and sunbathing. The waters are also safe enough for kitesurfing and windsurfing, with the lagoon often being dotted with color and action as water sports enthusiasts make the most of the clean water and gentle breeze. Because of the lagoon being home to a variety of fish, geothermal vents and a variety of other species of lagoon life, scuba diving is increasingly popular as divers take to waters to explore the diversity of Xiloa Lagoon.

Another exciting activity at Xiloa Lagoon, is hiking. The lagoon is surrounded by breathtaking mountains and the fact that there are no specific hiking trails, makes the outing more adventurous. There a few mountains that can easily be navigated by visitors and the views that are available from the mountain peaks are magnificent. Located on the southern end of the Xiloa Lagoon, is a tourist centre where guides can be booked to take visitors on informative hiking tours of the area. The tourist centre charges a small entrance fee, but inside visitors will find great facilities such as restaurants, covered seating and even a playground for the younger family members. Visitors are advised to inquire at the Institute of Tourism inside the centre in regard to camping over night within the centre grounds. The Xiloa Lagoon is a wonderful attraction for visitors to enjoy a peaceful day with their family and friends and create unforgettable holiday memories.