Travel Through the Region of Carazo

It is strange how the names of the larger cities that are located in the Carazo department are more familiar to travelers than the department itself. The capital city, Jinotepe, and cities such as San Marcos and Diriamba are well known destinations in Nicaragua, however, their department remains a mystery and almost invisible to many. Located near to Managua, most of the department is situated at approximately seven hundred meters above sea level and is home to an estimated hundred and seventy thousand residents.

The entire region is known to be a vital agricultural producer in Nicaragua, and is also a significant commercial trading centre. But one of the most well known features that Carazo is recognized for is its long history as a coffee producer. Before the year 1880, Carazo had a small agricultural farming industry, with most farmers concentrating on products for their own use or for selling as an income. But between the years 1880 and 1930, Carazo began to explode with coffee plantations and this assisted with the development of the economy of the region. Unfortunately, political situations and civil war crippled the big coffee boom, and even though the region still produces coffee and plays a big role in the economy of Nicaragua, it is not as big and lucrative as it used to be.

Another industry has seemed to take over the Carazo region in recent years, namely tourism. The region has many beautiful villages and cities for international visitors to explore and each destination has its own culture and attractions to look forward to. Cities, such as Diriamba are known for being home to soccer stadiums and colorful festivals, while others hold the breathtaking beauty of quiet beaches and magnificent wildlife. Surfers often head towards the more secluded beaches, whereas tourists want to explore the entire region and its many sights and attractions. Chacocente beach, for instance, is home to sea turtles and is an area that is protected by the National Army. The local community is also active in the conservation and protection of this area. Private nature reserves such as Centro Ecoturistico La Maquina, offer visitors the chance to hike through breathtaking landscapes, waterfalls and forests, to experience the true beauty of Nicaragua.

The Carazo region in Nicaragua is a diverse region where tourists can either participate in the bustling activities of the cities, or discover the natural wonders and tranquility of the less developed areas. Carazo is most definitely one of the most beautiful departments in the country and is definitely worth exploring.