The Intermezzo del Bosque in Managua

Nicaragua is a beautiful country filled with nature, culture and history. The most popular events are most likely the numerous festivals and carnivals held every year at different times in different cities but these certainly aren’t the only thing worth seeing and doing in Nicaragua. If you are looking for something a bit more laid back, look no further than the Intermezzo del Bosque in Managua this March.

On the 25th of March 2007, the Intermezzo del Bosque will be holding a concert featuring Vivian Lopez and Luis Perez. It’s the perfect setting for a great concert and should definitely not be missed!

The Intermezzo del Bosque is situated only a short distance away from the Managua city center at a location where it can enjoy the sweet surrounds of nature without being too far away from the city so as to be inaccessible or inconvenient. In fact, the restaurant is situated within the confines of a forest and it overlooks the city whose lights glitter brilliantly below the patio at night. The building was once home to Monseñor Lezcano, one of Nicaragua’s most esteemed archbishops, and it still has a chapel which is a popular attraction with visitors.

Today the building no longer serves as a home but rather acts as a very classy restaurant which serves excellent international food. The staff is well trained and guests can treat themselves to a great lunch or dinner in a rather romantic setting. There is a bar, an open terrace and always some form of live music to keep you entertained. The outdoor location means that there is usually a gentle breeze to keep you cool and content while a wide variety of musicians perform in front of you each week. Musicians such as Mike Cortina, Vivian Lopez and Luis Perez play regularly and you can choose to have your meal at a specific time when you know which musician will be playing.

This time, however, the stunning Vivian Lopez will be combining her vocals and skills with those of Luis Perez to provide an evening of absolutely fabulous entertainment. While both artists usually work alone, they will be offering an excellent repertoire of Latin American music for all those visiting the restaurant that night. Entrance to the restaurant and to the concert is free though visitors are generally expected to sit down and take in a meal whilst watching the delightful duo. So make sure that you are able to enjoy this great event by being in Managua on the 25 March 2007!