San Jorge

The Rivas department in Nicaragua is known to be one of the most spectacular wildlife regions in the country. Breathtaking landscapes of green hills, mysterious forests and fresh water streams and rivers, create picture postcard memories for all that visit this region. Just a short distance away from the bustling city of Rivas, lays a spectacularly beautiful village by the name of San Jorge. This tiny village is home to approximately a hundred and seventy thousand residents, that carve their existence from the ocean, and visitors who come to relax amidst wonderful sunsets and unmatched natural beauty.

San Jorge is reachable by road, but because of its secluded location, the road is not paved all the way to the village and it is therefore recommended that visitors travel to San Jorge in a four wheel drive vehicle. The journey to the town is rewarded by clean, majestic beaches and the view of Lake Nicaragua that borders on San Jorge. The quaint port is the a hive of activity, as fishermen come and go, and boats carrying passengers between San Jorge and Ometepe Island go about their daily business.

Many visitors choose to spend their vacation in San Jorge, on its immaculate beaches, while others take advantage of activities such as fishing, swimming and exploring their surfing talents. Sea turtles can also be seen in the more remote parts of the beaches, which are protected by conservation authorities. Visitors can view the breeding sites of the Olive Ridley turtles at the nearby La Flor Wildlife Reserve. Discovering the fauna and flora of San Jorge is a rewarding experience as nature here seems to have taken on the same unhurried lifestyle as the villagers. There is also a very unique feature to Lake Nicaragua, being the fact that it is home to fresh water sharks, and it is said to be the only location in the world where fresh water sharks are found.

San Jorge is a destination that can be described as a village that is off the beaten track. Untouched by the commercial tourism industry, the village is filled with history and culture and is a truly unforgettable vacation destination.