Nicaragua: Re-inventing Itself in the New Millennium

Nicaragua. The cities of Managua, Granada, Rivas, Leon, and other destinations beckons for the traveller and all those interested in this spectacular country.

Since 2002, Nicaragua has taken bold steps in capitalizing on its eco-tourism potential, its natural beauty, its accessible standard of living and its open arms policy for retirees and ex-patriots. In short, Nicaragua is becoming THE place to be. And don’t say we didn’t tell you – but in the next ten years Nicaragua is going to get even better!

More than 18% of Nicaragua’s landmass is made up of natural forest reserves and a stunning mix of flora and fauna. The seemingly endless forests, lush greenery and crystal clear lakes have always been there – it’s just that it took foreigners a while to discover it! A diverse eco-system that supports an animal kingdom made up of monkeys, iguana, deer and parrots and toucans is finally getting the notoriety it deserves.

There’s so much to do and see in Nicaragua, an entire summer doesn’t provide enough time. Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast remains virtually untouched. And although gated communities are becoming more and more prevalent, the Caribbean destinations of Corn Island, Bluefields and the Pearl Lagoon are waiting to be explored – their history, natural aquatic beauty and a rich distinct culture never fail to seduce visitors.

Nicaragua’s cuisine is among the most delicious in Latin America – where fresh ingredients and generous seconds and thirds are the norm! You’ll never walk away from the table hungry. A mouth-watering variety of fish and meat dishes, fresh fruit and vegetables, locally-made cheese and wine will satisfy even the most voracious of appetites. When your meal is over and you savor an after-dinner glass of Nicaragua’s renowned rum, you’ll finally realize that life doesn’t get much better than this!

Accommodations run the gamut to from economical bed-and-breakfasts to agro-tourism farmhouses to world class standard 5 star hotels. It all depends on what you want, where you want to stay and for how long. Whether your plans place you in Grenada, Managua or any point in between you can find comfortable accommodations to meet your needs.

Nicaragua. Explore…Relax…Eat…and Dream. You truly are in Paradise. For some local perspectives, visit our Nicaraguan forums.