Nicaragua Property in Northern Mountains is a Base for Somoto’s Grand Canyon

Somoto is a sleepy little town in the mountains of Northwest Nicaragua, just fourteen miles from the border with Honduras. The quiet village is the birthplace of Nicaragua’s most famous revolutionary folk singers, the Mejia Godoy brothers. Nicaragua real estate is very cheap and it has tremendous potential for development as a tourist attraction. If one invests in Nicaragua real estate here it can serve as a base for ecotourism.

Very close to Somoto is the Grand Cañon which is poised on becoming a great tourist attraction. The incredibly beautiful canyon is several kilometers long and one can access it by walking, boating, scaling the canyon walls, and in the narrowest part, by swimming or riding an inner tube. One can get to its base only in the dry season as it would be too dangerous during the rains. Till it was discovered a few years ago by some Europeans it was a secret known only to the locals. People of Somoto welcome tourists and it is an extremely safe place with a comfortable hotel, the Pan Americano.

Somoto is the sister city of Merced in central California and the contrast could not be more stark. Somoto is a small, mostly rural town where farming for tobacco, corn and bean is the main occupation. Merced is a dynamic city, home to University of California’s tenth campus; there are no schools in Somoto except “campesino” schools in the surrounding hillsides that teach children how to be farmers.

The one thing in common though, ironically, is the use of bicycles; Merced has an extensive bike trail network. Most people in Somoto either walk or cycle. Dennis Cesar a physician from Merced and his wife Theresa have come here twice a year for the past three years to help in health and education projects in Somoto. It is common to see the word Merced on the walls of the Somoto the poorest city in Madriz, Nicaragua’s poorest area.

Despite the poverty there is a charm about the place and its people. The cobbled streets find donkeys and oxen jostling for space. The oldest church in Nicaragua rings its bells every 15 minutes. Somoto also makes the most delicious corn rosquillas, a traditional biscuit perfect with fresh brewed Nicaragua coffee.