Nicaragua Property: Golf and Beach Resorts

Nicaragua real estate is appreciating very noticeably as more and more realize the advantage of investing here. The improvement in the infrastructure in the country has helped the value of Nicaragua property to appreciate. The trend in construction is now very similar to that in Florida or even Las Vegas with self sufficient resort style condominiums being constructed by foreign investors.

Nicaragua has introduced a number of laws and incentives to attract foreign investment. These laws range from total tax exoneration for tourism related business (Law 306), free-trade zones for manufacturing companies and incentives of foreign retirees relocating to buy Nicaragua real estate. Further bureaucracy has been reduced considerably thereby attracting foreigners to invest in the country.

Investing in Nicaragua real estate is receiving more and more interest as prices here are still relatively low and there are plenty of opportunities. Properties by the beach in the southern part of the country’s Pacific coast have bloomed into luxury resorts with golf courses, beach clubs, tennis courts and pools. The sun, sand and surf beckon you, vying with the greens.

Nicaragua real estate offers condominiums at competitive rates while booking, which will certainly appreciate in value by the time the residential complex, has been completed. Golf and beach resorts offer something for everybody and the Nicaragua beaches are well known for their waves and surf. Some resorts even have world class surf breaks within their property, a great attraction for surfers.

The added advantage of the country being small is that it is feasible to enjoy Nicaragua nightlife in the capital or other large cities like Granada even if you live in a remote area. Even the southernmost part of the country is only two hours away. Living here offers you the best of all worlds – peace and quiet with unpopulated, unpolluted beaches as well as the Spanish tempo of entertainment whenever you desire. You have access to excellent locations to go on fishing trips, horseback riding and other activities. Best of all, the prices are still so reasonable that they offer you very good value for your money.