Harmonizing Body and Mind in Nicaragua

Many yoga enthusiasts will try to convince you that yoga is not a hobby or a pastime – it’s a way of life. Little wonder then, that there is even a yoga retreat in Nicaragua, as people venturing to this lovely little country may not want to give up on their daily rituals while on holiday. In fact, a yoga retreat in Nicaragua is also a great way to shake off the holiday fat and get back in shape if you have left off practicing yoga for a while.

There is only one main yoga community in Nicaragua, but this little haven is paradise for yoga lovers! It is located not far from San Juan del Sur and provides a wonderful range of activities for those looking to refresh body and mind. This is a place that both locals and travelers can seek refuge and enlightenment through the careful guidance of highly experienced and professional yoga coaches. A variety of indoor and outdoor studios provide the perfect location whilst at the same time making the most of the weather and the yoga instructors see to it that yoga classes are conducted on a daily basis so you never have to skip a day. The 1 600 square foot yoga studio is a treat for all who use it, while the lounge area provides the perfect place for a rest after your yoga session. Changing stations and bathrooms are neat, new and clean while the Tea Bar will help you to ensure that your insides get the same sort of holistic treatment that your outsides have just experienced.

This fantastic yoga retreat in Nicaragua does not just teach yoga, but also helps visitors to harmonize their bodies and minds through a exciting range of outdoor activities. Nature will provide her own healing power through a variety of paths and footbridges found on site. A covered pool-side terrace enables you to make good use of the element of water to soothe your body and mind, while viewing turtles nesting at the nearby beach will truly enchant you. A host of other activities available at this yoga retreat include scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling, horseback riding, mountain biking, zip-lining, bird watching, sea kayaking, hiking volcanoes, water aerobics, picnicking and more. So make the most of Nicaragua by making sure that you spend time reconnecting with your inner being when you stay at the yoga retreat in Nicaragua.