Exploring the Beauty of Rama Cay

If you’re planning a trip to Nicaragua soon you’re probably on the look-out for some great destinations in this big and beautiful country. Rama Cay may prove to be the kind of place you’d like to list on your agenda. This beautiful little island has a surprisingly large amount to offer visitors and no visit to Bluefields is quite complete without a visit to Rama Cay.

Situated in the Bluefields Lagoon on Nicaragua’s eastern coast, Rama Cay is quite different from anything else you might encounter in this striking country. According to history, this pretty little island was given to the Rama people some time during the 17th or 18th century in recognition of the assistance they rendered in helping the Miskitos fend off the Terraba Indians. The more powerful Miskitos sought to reward them for their invaluable assistance and so arranged to give the Rama people the entire island. As a result, the majority of the descendents of this tribe still live in Rama Cay. While the Rama culture and language has been influenced by outside sources over the years, it has remained rather unique when compared with other indigenous languages and cultures of the people of Nicaragua.

The general shift in the language of the Rama people began in 1857 when a Moravian mission was established on the island. This started a general shift towards using an English-based form of the creole language in place of the traditional Rama language. Nevertheless, elements of the Rama language remained, and today Rama Cay Creole continues to be the main language in use on the island. It is currently spoken by approximately 900 people – most of whom live on the island. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the language is the fact that it is supposed to incorporate various elements of the English language which are spoken with a German accent. Apparently the Moravian missionaries who originally instigated the shift to the English language were native Germans and their difficulties in pronouncing the English words clearly have been carried down over the centuries. The somewhat shy Rama people also have a fascinating culture. The amazing attractions on the island are best explored on. You can explore the Rama people’s unique customs, warm culture and meet interesting people, such as a well known Rama midwife, when you visit this intriguing Nicaraguan destination.