Enchanting Sound of Dimensión Costeña

If you’re looking to try something new and you just love the Caribbean, you have to give Dimensión Costeña a listen. This fantastic Nicaraguan music group has already been active for 27 years and in that time they have even travelled the world and expanded their fan base way beyond their homeland.

The members of Dimensión Costeña came together in Bluefields on the Caribbean coastline. Their unique vibe made them instantly popular with locals and soon they started to gain fans across the country. During the time that the band has been popular, they have produced 17 LPs and 13 CDs, which are now widely available in Nicaragua and may also be found in Europe and America. However, some of their music must be purchased for wholesale or retail from Miami Florida in the United States as it is not sold elsewhere. Dimensión Costeña has spent time touring Nicaragua, enjoying large performances in Managua, but they haven’t limited themselves to their home country. They have also performed in Los Angeles and Miami in the United States and have even played live in several places in Europe.

The band members of Dimensión Costeña are: Louis Cassells (artistic director), Anthony Mathews (vocals) and Anthony De Costena (vocals). According to their MySpace page, their biggest influence is their home country in spring. They love the time of year when flower’s blossom and nature begins to reveal its incredible beauty. In Nicaragua, this takes place around mid-April. Yellow, blue, green and red become the nation’s natural color palate during that time of year and the natural growth and variety is simply amazing. Seeing this growth reminds the band members of their ethnic Miskito origins and the Nahuatl ten year celebrations of their people. However, while they embrace their native Indian origins, they also embrace the combination of English and native culture that now surrounds them and has brought forth current pop culture in Nicaragua. If you want to learn more about this great Latin American music group, you can visit their MySpace page or look for their music at your local music store. After almost thirty years in the industry you know that they simply have to be worth hearing.