Discover Chico Largo

When visiting Nicaragua, and more specifically the Ometepe Island where the Charco Verde Natural Reserve is located, there is one destination that all locals will warn visitors about, namely Chico Largo Hill. Their warnings are not associated that Chico Largo Hill is covered in dangerous terrain; in fact, it is a pleasant hiking experience that people of all fitness levels can enjoy. It is because of the mystery, legends and superstitions that surround Chico Largo Hill that warnings are given. Conveniently located on the property of the Posada del Chico Largo Hotel, guests can begin their fascinating hike from here.

There are many legends that locals can tell visitors in regard to Chico Largo Hill. One of the numerous legends is that Chico Largo is a large man who roams the hill, and many believe that he is the devil. According to legend, those who make a pact the devil will be turned into cows, and oddly enough there are many cows roaming this area. Some butchers have even told stories that they had found cattle with gold teeth and that some cows cry out like humans. Due to these legends, locals still believe that Chico Largo will turn them into cattle for their bad actions and therefore fear the hill. The good news is that no visitors who have taken the hike to the peak of Chico Largo have returned as cows, and it is therefore a recommended attraction and activity in Nicaragua.

It takes approximately half an hour to hike to the peak of the hill, but once there, over and above the lush and picturesque vegetation and bird life, there is an indescribably beautiful view waiting for hikers. The viewpoint looks out over the natural reserve, as well as the Pacific Ocean and surrounding landscapes. Visitors are advised to wait on the hill until sunset, because as the sun bounces off the waters of the ocean, the last rays highlight the curves of the land and the sky becomes a kaleidoscope of colors. It is one of the most memorable moments a hiker will ever experience. Chico Largo might be blanketed in mystery and folktales, but is it also wrapped in beauty and natural wonder that outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate.