Cecilia & the Argonauts – Making A Name for Themselves

Cecilia & the Argonauts is a newly formed band, with a well-known Nicaraguan lead singer. Cecilia Ferrer was born in Sweden, but moved to Nicaragua and formed part of a band named Osiris in the year 1996. Nicaragua seemed to be good for Cecilia, as she also sang with two other bands, namely Stop and Macolla. In 1999, Cecilia Ferrer received the Z Musical Award in the category for Best Nicaraguan Performer. Cecilia returned to Sweden to further her studies as a musician at the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, and it is here that Cecilia & the Argonauts came to life.

The band consists of five members. Mattias Fjellstrom plays the lead guitar for the band, and even though he now plays in a rock band, he has a wide knowledge of various styles such as afro and jazz. Janne Maninen is on the bass guitar and was part of a small band previously, but decided to further his studies. Andreas Ekstedt is the drummer for Cecilia & the Argonauts. His studies did not really direct him towards playing the drums, as he was studying to become a professional percussionist. But the drums won his heart, and he has not looked back. Jonathan Fritzen is not only the band’s pianist, but the smile and laughter of the group. Jonathan had grown up in a musical household and is extremely passionate about the piano. The last member, Cecilia, is the lead singer. All the members of the band are unmarried, making touring and moving around easier.

Their fusion of European influences, combined with Pop Rock and a touch of Latin American, has proved to be a major hit with audiences and on the tour of Nicaragua in 2006, called the Navegando Tour 2006, the press and spectators praised the band for their unique sound and energetic stage presence. The Nicaraguan band has released hit singles such as “Instinto Animal”, “Sin Sentido”, “I wait”, “Dias”, “Any Sense” and “Better Weather”, while working on their debut album. No doubt that it will be an album that many will look forward to.

The Nicaraguan band, Cecilia & the Argonauts, consists of band members that are diverse and extremely talented. This leads to them having a unique sound and they are able to bounce ideas off each other. With a successful tour and positive responses received at every performance, it seems that Cecilia & the Argonauts might be around for years to come.