California Lifestyle for a Quarter of the Price

Nicaragua property along the Pacific Ocean has everything you have ever imagined on a Californian beachfront at a fraction of the price. Ocean view properties and beachfront Nicaragua property are now much sought after as people realize that Nicaragua is now amongst the safest countries in the region and the people are warm and peace loving. As Costa Rica gets more crowded and expensive, tourists and retirees look to Nicaragua as the hottest destination for a vacation or a lifetime.

It may seem incredible but one-acre, ocean-view lots on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua within walking distance of the beach, restaurants, bars, dive shops, surf shops, and convenience stores are available from only $40,000. This incredibly beautiful nation of gentle, friendly people offers cheap living, affordable waterfront housing and pleasant weather.

Nicaragua property is what Costa Rica and Belize were in the late 1980s and the Honduras Bay Islands in the late 1990s; what happened in those places, when real estate prices increased by 500% or more in a very short time, is poised to happen in Nicaragua. A stable democracy is encouraging tourism and foreign investments with many incentives and facilities. The number of hotels and B&B establishments is on the rise and so is the occupancy rate.

You can start a business here while you enjoy a relaxed life in this tropical paradise. Invest in Nicaragua real estate and start a B&B establishment. There are beautiful colonial mansions you could renovate and run a charming little hotel. Labor is cheap in Nicaragua and the Nicaraguans work hard as they need jobs.

The government provides attractive incentives for tourism related business. You pay no income or real estate taxes for up to ten years, and you can import or buy locally all the supplies you need tax-free. You can enjoy the sun, sea and sand, make new friends among your guests and live a life of luxury in Nicaragua.