Archaeological Museum Gregorio Aguilar

The capital city of the Chontales Department is located approximately a hundred and forty kilometers from Managua and is a historically rich and picturesque destination in Nicaragua. Juigalpa is a city that has a wonderful and colorful past, with ancient tribes all leaving their mark on the city in the form of archaeological sites, museums and ruins left amongst the spectacular landscapes. Locals find themselves carving a living from various industries, although cattle farms are the most popular in the agricultural industry. Exploring the breathtaking mountains, refreshing waterfalls and natural wonders of Juigalpa will share the regions beauty with visitors, while museums hold the key to history.

One of the most popular attractions in Juigalpa is the Archaeological Museum Gregorio Aguilar or Gregorio Aguilar Barea Archaeological Museum. The Archaeological Museum Gregorio Aguilar is unique in the fact that is houses the most precious and rare artifacts that were found in the various archaeological sites in Juigalpa and surrounding areas. With so many treasures discovered in the region, the Gregorio Aguilar Barea Archaeological Museum is a wonderful attraction to visit and fascinating site to discover the magnificence of the history of Nicaragua.

Most of the artifacts found at the Archaeological Museum Gregorio Aguilar all originate from Chontal natives and some pieces have dated back thousands of years. The Pre-Columbian utensils are wonderful pieces to view, as are the ceramics collections and stuffed animals. But most people visit the museum to marvel at its large range of statues such as a Chontales statue, La Monalisa de Chontales, Chontales Stone Metates and a Zoomorphic Chontales Stone Statue. Some of these amazing statues and stone poles are over five meters in height and feature breathtaking and intricate decorative carvings. Another interesting attraction at the museum is the small zoo that is home to a few different foreign and local animal species. The area surrounding the museum is relaxing and tranquil, and completes a day of exploration perfectly, with beauty and peacefulness. A trip to Juigalpa will not be complete without visiting the Archaeological Museum Gregorio Aguilar, as it documents the development and inhabitants of Nicaragua over the last few centuries.