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Visitors to the city of Managua in Nicaragua who are up for an hour or two of shopping should head off to the Roberto Huembes Market. It is situated nearby a number of hotels in the city, making access to the large market quite easy. So, if you don't mind a bit of hustle and bustle and are keen on purchasing some goods, then Huembes Market is for you.

Nicaragua is home to a number of talented artists who sell their wares at the Roberto Huembes Market. Here you can find lovely woven, painted and molded artworks which make marvelous souvenirs. Bright colors of embroidered works and painted ceramics will catch your eye and the patterns available are endless. Lovely items are made using wood, clay, leather and shells. With so many fine souvenirs to choose from, your family and friends back home will be delighted with their genuine Nicaraguan gifts.

Huembes Market is the second largest market in Nicaragua, the largest being Mercado Oriental. Big and noisy, it offers shoppers everything they could dream of. In fact, if it’s not sold at the market, you are unlikely to find it anywhere else in the country. Why bother visiting numerous shopping centers and stores in search of items when you can get everything in one place and at reasonable prices? It is also a fantastic way to get in touch with the people of Nicaragua and enjoy a more authentic experience. Whilst strolling through the market you will see stalls filled with fresh fruit and vegetables direct from the farm and filled with goodness. Look out for clothing, CDs, DVDs, shoes, electronic goods, hammocks, jewelry, Nicaragua’s Flor de Caña rum and much more.

Shopping at Roberto Huembes Market also gives you the opportunity to haggle. You may find that some vendors are willing to drop their prices a little bit. Even if you prefer not to bargain, the prices are still worth while. Whilst Huembes Market is quite safe, it can get crowded and it is better to keep a close watch on bags and wallets and to leave you jewelry at the hotel.

As previously mentioned, Huembes Market is quite easy to reach. If you don’t feel like walking you can catch a taxi; they all know where the market is. For an amazing shopping experience filled with unique sights and sounds, visit Roberto Huembes Market.

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