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The Masaya Market has been alive for centuries and its role remains the same today: the trade of goods and the exhibition of art and culture. It started life in a building that was once a law and philosophy university but the building needed a few changes to turn it into a market place. These renovations finally came to an end in 1891 and the marketplace was ready for trade. Despite the fact that it was ready, the ownership of the building had changed hands a few times before the market was opened. In fact, it was only in 1926 that the owner at the time, Adolfo Benard, was persuaded to open the market. That is how the Masaya Market got its start.

Unfortunately the market in Masaya did not go on to have a trouble-free existence. A fire caused extensive damage in 1966 and, after repairs were made to the wooden structure, it was once again destroyed in 1978 – but this time the fire was not accidental. The National Guard had burnt the building and, for years to come, the markets in Masaya would be deserted of negotiating traders and interested shoppers. The Masaya Market only started to see a glimmer of hope in the 1980, when the building was reconstructed for dances and live music shows.

In 1994 the new section of the Masaya Market was opened for trading, with the second section following in 1997. The one side of the market is filled with the daily trading of poultry, spices, vegetables, fruits and fast food outlets. The noise and smell that fills the air on this side of the market is as busy as it is fascinating. To the other side of the market, a world of beautifully handcrafted furniture, vases, sculptures and other artistic creations await you.

There is a large variety of items that are available to visitors at this market. These include leather products, clothing, ceramic products, shoes,
hammocks, pots and candle holders, to name a few. The marketplace in
Masaya is the perfect place to find that special souvenir or gift to take home. The handmade material, paintings, stone carvings, artistic spoons, hats, wall hangings, belts and other beautifully created works of art can be found here. Visiting the marketplace in Masaya is not only an exciting adventure and experience but, a festival for the senses. The smells, noise and visual extravaganza of color, is a sight you are not likely to forget!

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