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Granada, with its nostalgic atmosphere and breathtaking architecture, is probably one of the most beautiful places in Nicaragua. The history and spectacular sights found here make Granada one of the most visited destinations and one of the most popular attractions in Nicaragua. While walking along the cobble stone streets surrounded by bustling locals, you feel as if you can almost touch the past. If you want to explore the diverse history, marvel at the old houses or just simply watch the world go by, then Parque Central is the ideal place to go.

Parque Central is known as the heart of the city of Granada. It is an oasis of tall green palms, soft grassy lawns and calm and tranquility that makes you forget that you are surrounded by a city. The vibrantly colored horse carriages that gently navigate the streets have safely transported their passengers for many years. They started their job in 1524 and have continued this tradition by taking visitors on an open-air journey of the past ever since. Benches are positioned around central park so that patrons can sit and watch the passersby, drink their coffee and nibble on a sandwich in the peace of this spectacular garden.

The stalls that hide in the shade of the trees often have various handcrafted items, lovely souvenirs and works of art. On exploring the buildings that surround the central park, visitors will find quaint coffee houses and food outlets. But over and above these, there are historical landmarks, buildings and monuments. The Templo de la Mùsica reminds visitors of several historical events, such as the country’s gaining of independence,
Rafael Herrera and the historical battle between William Walker and Andrès
Castro in 1860. The final resting places of Carlos Lopez and Comandante Carlos Fonseca can be found here. An eternal flame burns at the entrance of the Fonseca tomb. Other buildings that are located around the park include churches (The San Francisco Church which is bright blue in color and the Cathedral de Granada), four museums (including the Museo Antiguo Convento which was established in 1529), conference and concert halls, art galleries and amazing homes and colonial styled buildings. A visit to one of the most rewarding attractions in Nicaragua will most certainly be worth the trip.

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