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When you visit Nicaragua and you are near to the city of Managua, take time to visit the world-renowned Justo Rufino Garay theater group. This theater is especially popular amongst those who enjoy and appreciate different artistic presentations. The theater is small but well air-conditioned, allowing one hundred and fifty spectators to sit there comfortably no matter how hot or cold it is outside. You will find the Justo Rufino Garay Theater near the âLas Palmasâ Park.

The Justo Rufino Garay Theater is considered an alternative theater, so don’t expect standard theater entertainment, as a lot of the shows presented here have a message to relay. The name of the theater actually originates with a Sandinista war combatant, who was honored by having the theater named after him in acknowledgement of what he did during the revolution and how he used the theater as an instrument of war.

The theater is not only used for shows, but it also acts as a theater school and is home to the professional Justo Rufino Garay theater group. The group of professional artists has been around for a quarter of a decade, so there is a lot of history wrapped up in this theater.

The stage that is used is also small and compact, but has all the latest technology when it comes to stage equipment, lighting and special effect instruments. At the Justo Rufino Garay you will be opened to both national and international artists as well as to performances by professionals and amateurs. You will not be disappointed – no matter what you see. The theater provides the perfect opportunity to give amateur artists experience and exposure.

If you are interested in filmed performances that are different from the mainstream, then attend the weekly Wednesday show of “Alternative Cinema”. You can get an idea of what is available by looking at the weekly calendar on the Justo Rufino Garay Theater Website. The films fall under the genres of classical, international and alternative. For instance there will be a film shown that is directed by Chus Gutierrez, a Spanish director who focuses on illegal immigrants and the abuse they are subjected to.

Something else you can look out for when you are here is the ‘International Theater Festival’ that takes place every year around about the first week of September. As the name suggests, there will be artists from all over the world attending the festival and putting on performances.

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