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Whilst staying in Managua you are certain to spend some evenings out on the town. There are many fine restaurants, coffee shops and bars where you can enjoy a tasty meal, something cool to drink and great company. Night clubs in Nicaragua are also popular amongst tourists who like to party right into the morning hours. But for those who prefer an evening filled with culture, there are the theaters of Managua. Ruben Dario National Theater is the best known, but not the only fantastic theater in the city. If you would like to try out a different venue for cultural entertainment, head off to the Victor Romeo Theater.

The Victor Romeo Theater is located beside Managua’s Las Palmas park; a lovely area which draws artistic types. You will find the theater of Victor Romeo inside the building belonging to the Association of Contemporary Dance. This excellent non-profit organization devoted to contemporary dance in Nicaragua does much to promote the development of arts and culture in the country for the benefit of all. The theater is carefully managed by this association.

The Victor Romeo Theater is relatively small, especially when compared with the impressive Ruben Dario National Theater. Despite the fact that it only has the capacity to cater for an audience of 100, the Victor Romeo Theater still boasts a fine selection of performances. For the comfort of those attending performances, which include dance, theater and music, there is air conditioning. The stage has good lighting and is equipped for special effects. Local and foreign performers, professionals, amateurs and students have given wonderful performances in the Victor Romeo Theater and many audiences have gone away pleased, knowing that their money was well spent.

The Association of Contemporary Dance is also responsible for a number of other projects. Held in the center is the ‘Expacio Abierto’ School of Dance – ideal for those who desire to become professional dancers and also for individuals interested in learning Latin dances. The Company of Contemporary Dance of Nicaragua, based here, has organized several presentations both inside and outside the country. Each year in October the International Dancing Festival is hosted here. Also enjoyable is the Cultural Forum ‘Art-Café’, a bar that often holds concerts.

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