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Right near the front of the San Francisco Church in Leon, you will find Nicaragua’s Centro de Arte. The building itself is not as beautiful as other colonial structures that can be found in Leon, but it is dedicated to the artwork of various western artists who came to the fore over the last four centuries. The center is designed to help students and families learn more about Nicaraguan and western art and culture and the works within it are easily divided into old and contemporary art categories.

The older Nicaraguan art mainly revolves around family and religion and takes the form of Cristos, 17th century Nacimientos and Arcángeles. The more modern and contemporary art takes the form of mud crafts from San Juan and Pre-Columbian graphic art. As you make your way around the center, you will discover than the various rooms each hold a special treasure. The building itself has some historical value as it was the seat of parliament in 1849. Located just opposite the San Francisco Church and the San Francisco Convent, the Center of Art is relatively easy to find.

When you enter Nicaragua’s Centro de Art, you will find photographs of former politicians and historically important people on the walls. The more you explore, the more unexpected artistic treasures you will find. A room dedicated to the Vanguard Movement, for example, holds as many as five artworks by Pablo Picasso. It also features works by George Braque, Andre Masson and Ives Tangry. Marc Chagall and Francois Desnoyer also feature in this part of the center. In the rooms dedicated to the forerunners of art, you will find artworks dating back to as early as 500 BC. In amidst all this, there are rooms dedicated to current artists who have gained international fame and continue to create works of art. Clearly the Centro de Arte will give you interesting insight into the fascinating world of art – from famous western artists to lesser known local artists – there is something for everyone here. The museum also has a fine collection of old religious relics that should not be missed. Make sure that the Centro de Arte in Leon is a part of your travel agenda for this fine city.

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