Juigalpa in Nicaragua, Travel Destinations

Juigalpa is located near the city of Managua, approximately 140 kilometers to the east and near the Sierras de Amerrique. This city is extremely important as the producer of commercial products such as coffee, beef, livestock and sugarcane. As a significant agricultural city, it also has established manufacturing and processing factories and plants. The city of Juigalpa can be considered one of the most prosperous destinations in Nicaragua. With a population of approximately 71 000 individuals, it is a bustling community that contributes to the success and flourishing of the industries that breath life into the economy of Nicaragua.

The idea of making Juigalpa a city was first considered in 1659. However it took quite a few years before anything happened and the town was eventually awarded city status on 27 January 1879. Over the years the city has seen many miners and farmers come here to create a living for them and their families in a land that was known as the “Land abundant of Jicaro”. Over and above the beautiful surroundings and magnificent landscapes, Juigalpa has various activities that will keep visitors entertained. This makes it one of the more popular destinations in Nicaragua.

At night the city of Juigalpa comes alive with throbbing beats escaping
the nightclubs and disco clubs. Young people often sit chatting in coffee shops while visitors often take the opportunity to dine at one of the late night restaurants. During the day visitors can marvel at a number of architectural masterpieces. They can also enjoy the opulence of the old churches and the richness of museums such as the Gregorio Aguilar Barea Archeological Museum. One of the most popular attractions in Juigalpa is the Thomas Belt Zoo, which has a staggering variety of animals that are guaranteed to entertain and amuse the entire family.

If you are planning to be in Juigalpa during the month of August, you will likely be fortunate enough to experience the Fiestas Patronales that draws festival supporters from all over the country. The festivities tend to make one think that you are in Texas instead of Nicaragua. Cowboys take on the bulls and horses and equestrian games keep the crowds entertained. If you are not brave enough to enter, but feel you would like to test your bull riding
skills, you will be relieved to know that the only mechanical bull in the
entire country is in Juigalpa. For a truly wonderful experience in Nicaragua, make sure you add Juigalpa to your travel plans.

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