Diriamba in Nicaragua, Travel Destinations

The city of Diriamba is located in the southwestern region of Nicaragua and is home to approximately 43 000 people. It is said that this is one of the destinations in Nicaragua that holds the key to the history of the land as it is named after the Nicaraguan chieftain, Diriangen. Diriangen became a legend for the role he played in the battles against the Spanish. The city is also an important manufacturer of coffee and lumber, not forgetting the salt works and the limestone quarries that are situated just outside its borders. It is also the liveliest of all the destinations in Nicaragua as the people here are friendly, approachable and always seem to be happy. The weather is close to perfect and there are many museums and churches to be visited. The city's annual festivals are also not to be missed.

Diriamba has a beautiful landscape that surrounds the city, complete with
rolling hills, sparkling rivers, lush green forests and the most beautiful sunsets on the endless stretches of the Nicaraguan beaches. It is also very proud of the local Diriamba Soccer Club, which produces some of the best soccer talents in Nicaragua. The historical buildings and attractions in Diriamba include the landmark clock tower, the breathtaking waterfall that once was the El Aguacate hydroelectric dam and the La Basilica de San Sebastian. Construction on the La Basilica de San Sebastian started in 1891, but was only inaugurated in 1939. It is known throughout Nicaragua as being the most spectacular of all the churches. The Museo Ecologico de Tropico Seco is another attraction in Diraimba that comes highly recommended. This museum has a vast variety of items, drawings and photographs that display the diverse fauna and flora which can be seen around the city. It thus serves to educate the public about the ecosystems and the harm that human interference can do to this fragile system. The coffee plateaus, soil, vegetation, regions and animal species are just a few of the exhibits that are on display at the museum.

The many festivals that are held during the year include the San Sebastian Festival, the San Santiago of Jinotepe and the San Marcos Festival. These festivals are celebrated in a sea of colors, costumes, fireworks, dancing and intoxicating musical rhythms. But be prepared, because Diriamba starts gearing up for the festival day almost four days in advance! There is public transport available to take visitors where they need to be and internet-cafés can be found all around Diriamba.

The La Maquina Reserve is located just outside the city and offers visitors the peace and tranquility of nature through beautiful nature hikes. It has a spectacular waterfall, crystal clear rivers, dense dry forests and a rock cliff that dates back many years and relates the history of the reserve through its formations. It is clear that Diriamba is the perfect destination for those seeking adventure, culture, festivals, architecture, nature and history.

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