Travel to Tipitapa in Nicaragua, Travel Destinations

For most people the image that greets their minds when they think of Tipitapa, if any, is one of water filled streets and young, innocent faces examining the damage left behind by Hurricane Mitch in 1998. While it is true that the effects of Hurricane Mitch were quite devastating, the small town of Tipitapa is slowly picking up the pieces.

The town of Tipitapa is situated along the Tipitapa River – a body of water that connects Lake Nicaragua to Lake Managua. The tributary is quite twisty and, while quite interesting to see from the air, does not seem to have much to offer at ground level. In time, people might try to exploit the natural, well-watered beauty of the region but until such a time, the region is yours to explore on your own. If you are seeking adventure, this may well be what you are looking for. After hiring a local guide and organizing your own transport, you can set off into the jungle and enjoy the natural mysteries of this area for yourself.

The town itself is not much to write home about. It has a somewhat notorious prison as well as a power plant that provides many of the local people with employment. The river can be explored by boat and also provides good fishing grounds for those who enjoy fresh water fishing. Tipitapa may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but it certainly holds an appeal for those who are creative enough to see the place as a world of opportunities waiting to be discovered.

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