Montelimar in Nicaragua, Travel Destinations

Widely considered to be one of the finest beach resort towns in Central America, Montelimar in the Managua Region of Nicaragua, has a vibrant atmosphere, pleasant climate and all the conveniences to make every visit a pleasure. With long stretches of sun-drenched beaches bathed by the azure Pacific Ocean, Montelimar offers a range of accommodation from extreme luxury to basic bed and breakfast and is very much a family-fun tourist destination that is popular with both locals and visitors from beyond Nicaragua’s borders.

Activities that can be found at the various hotels and resorts in Montelimar include windsurfing, kayaking, scuba diving, hiking and miniature golf, to mention just a few. There is also a small zoo that is a big hit with the little ones, and for those who don’t like sand on their skin, most of the accommodation available have private swimming pools for their guests.

When visiting Montelimar be sure to tantalize your taste-buds with some Nicaraguan cuisine, especially the seafood dishes which are a specialty of this seaside town. Popular local dishes include Mondongo, a heavy soup with tripe which is best accompanied by Rosquillas; and Nacatamales which consists of mashed potatoes, corn and shredded pork all wrapped up in a banana leaf and served with fresh tomato.

A variety of shops, including boutiques and gift shops, ensure that you leave Montelimar with something tangible to remember your holiday by, and the social aspect of the town includes a disco and casino, as well as indoor and outdoor bars that mix up a range of exotic cocktails in an atmosphere of pure hospitality. Interestingly, the casino at Montelimar is located in the old Somoza Estate – the previous home of the Somoza family that ruled Nicaragua for 43 years at the turn of the 20th century. The grandeur of this building serves as a reminder of the wide gap between the haves and the have-nots of the time.

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