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Boaco is a one of the many cities found in central Nicaragua. It has a population of about 24300 people so it is quite small. The Boaco town of La Calamidad means "the Calamity" and it is so named because the land is only good for cattle. There is not much fresh water here and so it is seen as a calamity. The city is known for its commercial and manufacturing center where a lot of the agriculture and dairy products are processed. Other goods that are manufactured here are bricks, Panama hats, mineral water, soap and saw milling products. Not only does Boaco share the same time zone as Mexico, but the native Nicaraguans also speak Spanish.

If you are in any of the larger cities surrounding Boaco and you have the time for it, go visit Boaco. The city can be found situated on the Western side of the central highlands. Here are some of the distances from five of the main cities nearby, just to give you an idea of how long the journey would take you. If you were in Managua, you would be 46.9 miles away. Tegucigalpa is a bit further at 155.5 miles, San Salvador and San Pedro Sula are 258.8 miles and 265.7 miles respectively and Guatemala City is a whole 367.1 miles away.

The region that Boaco is situated in is a lot less volcanic and drier than what you would find in the south. It is also easily accessible though visitors may find themselves having to contend with the odd herd of cattle here and there. The land is well used with thousands of hectares being used for cattle farms alone. That is why an estimate of over sixty percent of all dairy products are produced from this area for the whole of Nicaragua. The dairy products produced here include dozens of varieties of beautiful, creamy cheese and gallons and gallons of fresh creamy milk. There is quite a big lake in the area but the community concentrates more on the cattle than the fishing industry.

One of the must-see sights in or near Boaco is the Aguas Termales, which means “Hot Waters”. This glorious hot spring water comes from a crack in the ground and is said to be kept hot by an underground volcano. The hot waters have been channeled, using pipes, to a hotel and resort complex that has three large and two small hot – but not boiling – pools for all to enjoy. This is just a taste of what you can enjoy when you visit the small city called Boaco.

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