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Rivas is an interesting little city situated between Lake Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean. It is region that is home to majestic mountains and diverse wildlife, as well as to the little city of Rivas. The economy is based mainly on tourism and cattle ranching, as well as on agriculture. Though relatively small, it is an intriguing part of Nicaragua to visit.

The area known as Rivas started life as a wild land that was settled by various indigenous tribes around 606 AD. It saw its first Europeans when the Spanish visited in 1522 and again in 1524. The Catholic Church was built in 1607 while the city of Rivas was officially recognized in 1835. Most of the current population is a mixture of Creole, Indian, Spanish and Mulatto descent. In 1855 William Walker stormed the city, but he was repelled by a teacher, Emanuel Mongalo, who subsequently became a local hero. Walker made a second attempt in 1865 but his attempts did not meet with success and he was banished from Rivas forever more. Though Rivas is somewhat geographically separate from the rest of Nicaragua, it has had a full share in the politics of the rest of the country.

Most of Rivas’ income is derived from tourism related to the Island of Ometepe and San Juan de Sur. Likely, if you are going to Rivas you will spend some time at these two interesting locations. The town of Rivas is also quite enjoyable – laid out in a grid pattern around a central park and a large cathedral. It has a large market, a bus station and a variety of shops. There are also several fine restaurants, a couple of good hotels and a disco. Locals enjoy going to the gym, seeing movies at the cinema, watching matches at the basketball and baseball stadiums or going to the library. The educational system is fairly well developed with numerous schools and universities and the health care system is present in the form of clinics, laboratories and a hospital.

While you enjoy all the modern conveniences of Rivas, you might also stop to enjoy a horse drawn carriage as you take in the sights. Whatever the case, Rivas is a fascinating city in an intriguing region that is full of things to see and do – you only have to look for them.

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