National Contest of Cinema, Video and Television

The film and image foundation FUNICE is an organization in Nicaragua that is dedicated to promoting local films and photography and developing the industry within the country. It is a non-profit organization that not only collects and preserves local work in the National Film Archives but funds projects and festivals to promote their work. It has its own archive of historical photography and films that are available to the public and researchers, as well as the academic community. They try to encourage the study of these films and audiovisual material, as FUCINE also has the news reels that document the 1930 intervention by the Marine Corps. More recently the organization had been working hard on planning the first National Contest of Cinema, Video and Television.

The National Contest of Cinema, Video and Television will be a first for Nicaragua, as it will invite producers, filmmakers and videographers to enter into the various categories and in doing so promote local work to public. Most of the festivals that have been held in the country previously have mainly focussed on international productions, while the National Contest of Cinema, Video and Television will be looking at local talent, and awards will be handed out to the winners of each individual category. For the first festival there will be two categories. Category one will be for television and video; while category two will be for cinema. Filmmakers and producers will have full creative freedom as the cinema category will be accepting entries in the field of documentaries, animation, fiction, amateur videos and institutional documentaries. Under the television and video category, commercials, television program segments and reports can be entered. There is no time limitation on the footage, so the pieces are allowed to be as long or as short as filmmakers need it to be, and can focus on any subject of their choosing. There is also no age range or limitation, allowing aspiring filmmakers to try their hand at the film industry. Only one rule applies to the National Contest of Cinema, Video and Television, and that is that any footage entered must have been filmed in Nicaragua in the last two years.

Entries must be sent in by the 30th of September 2011 at the latest, after which the winners of each category will be announced on 15 October 2011, and winners will receive their awards in December. It is an opportunity for FUCINE to promote the film industry of Nicaragua and to encourage the creative minds of the country to develop their talents and become a part of the film industry.