Ideal Family Vacation Destination

Many travelers struggle to find the ideal location for family vacations, especially when they want to explore a new destination or country. Many facilities chiefly accommodate adult travelers, making the task of finding the right destination for the entire family a daunting one. There is, however, a destination in Nicaragua that is becoming very popular with families that have small children, namely the Corn Islands. Here, visitors will find suitable and affordable accommodation, noteworthy attractions and numerous activities for everyone to enjoy.

The Corn Islands of Nicaragua consist of the Big Corn and the Little Corn Island, and is located just off the country’s coast. Travelers are able to reach the islands by air or ferry, which becomes the first part of the adventure for children. When looking for accommodation on the islands, it is advised that parents look for establishments that have chalets or huts, as they are generally situated on large walled estates, offering children larger areas and lawns to play on. Most estates, where the owners reside on the property, also have dogs and other homely animals on the premises to entertain the younger travelers.

Another feature of the Corn Islands are the beaches. Almost all the beaches are easily accessible, clean and safe, allowing families to enjoy hours of fun. The clear waters surrounding the islands allow children and adults the opportunity to learn how to snorkel, and opens up a magical world of color and sea life to them. Some locals are even willing to teach children the fine art of fishing, for a small fee. Easy and relaxing hiking trails can be found on the islands, and many families head out on a small but memorable jungle adventure during their stay. The crime rate is very low on the islands, and its tranquil and laid back atmosphere is the perfect environment for a lazy family holiday. Tasty and fresh cuisine is available all over the islands, and travelers can move from one island to the next, exploring the Corn Islands from one side to the other. Taking along children’s books in regard to the islands can make a family vacation as educational as it is exciting.