Solentiname Island- An Artist’s Haven in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is one of the most financially disadvantaged countries in the western hemisphere. It has the lowest per capital income and massive unemployment. This fact, however, should not be a reason not to visit Nicaragua because while visiting Nicaragua you will find many a haven for artists of all nationalities.

If you are an experienced artist, you definitely would have heard of a place where nature and art complement each other: Solentiname Archipelago in Nicaragua.

In this wonderful, yet often misunderstood, Central American paradise you will find the best of both worlds- natural and unsurpassed beauty of the island and the artistic majestry of its inhabitant. Painters, sculptors and artisans from the world over bring home the serenity of this beautiful and natural paradise in their hearts and in their works of art.

Local artists in Nicaragua likewise make names for themselves by capturing the beauty of the the Solentiname Archipelago into canvas and film. Nicaraguan artists such as Rodolfo Arellano and his daughter Silvia are two of the best known artists that make painting about Nicaragua a way of life.

On the other hand, sculpturing, which is another skill of the local inhabitants show the world the quality, skill and talent of Nicaraguan artists. A local favorite artist is Julio, the youngst son of Silvia Arellano. His well-loved reputation originated in the carvings and paintings of birds made from balsa wood.

You are free to explore the thickly vegetation of the islands including the wide variety of bird species, gigantic lizards and turtles. You may also find in the islands rare picturesque plants that only grow here.

The artist in you will surely love coming to Solentiname Archipelago. Even those travelers who have visited other countries, but who do not have the calling of an artist, will surely enjoy a memorable trip to the Solentiname Archipelago to see the primitivist beauty of the landscape as well as ancient petroglyphs that can be found at various spots around the island.

There are two ways to go the Solentiname, you can take a boat ride from Granada or take a short flight from Managua to San Carlos and from San Carlos, you will then take a short boat ride that will bring you to Solentiname, the beautiful artist’s haven.

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