Explore the Top Attractions of León

Featuring spectacular Spanish-style architecture and home to a number of interesting historical and cultural attractions, the city of León in Nicaragua is a popular tourism destination located on the Río Chiquito around 90 km northwest of Managua. Among the attractions visitors to the city should considering adding to their itinerary are the Museo Alfonso Cortez, Centro De Arte, Museum of the Revolution, Ruben Dario Museum, Museum of Traditions and Legends and the Cathedral of the Assumption, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dedicated to the works of various artists from the last four centuries or so, the Centro de Arte in Leon includes artworks, photographs and religious relics offering fascinating insight into the history and culture of Nicaragua. In addition to works by a number of Nicaraguan artists, the center includes a collection of works by international artists that art lovers are sure to appreciate. Among the artists featured are George Braque, Pablo Picasso, Ives Tangry, Marc Chagall, and Francois Desnoyer.

There are two museums in León dedicated to Nicaraguan poets – the Museo Rubén Darío and Museo Alfonso Cortez -the first gaining a reputation as a literary genius and respected diplomat and journalist, while the latter poet’s genius was overshadowed by his mental problems. The museums contain memorabilia detailing their individual lives and achievements, offering a window into the past for visitors to contemplate.

The Museum of Traditions and Legends is located in an old prison building and is dedicated to preserving the legends and traditions treasured by generations of Nicaraguans for future generations to appreciate. Here visitors can view puppets depicting fables and legends such as the those about La Cegua the witch who lives in the woods and can take on various personas, and La Carretanagua the slave trader, as well as La Mocuana the young woman betrayed by the man she loved. There are also pictures of the period during which the building was used as a prison and graphic details of the torture that was inflicted on prisoners. For visitors to León who are interested in the background of the local people, this is a very interesting museum to explore.