Nicaragua Caribbean Coast is perfect for Ecotourism

The climate in Nicaragua is warm and pleasant year round, though it is cooler in the mountains of the north. The country has developed a reputation as being ideal for tourists and new overseas settlers looking for sun, beach and relaxation. Nicaragua has much more to offer than that. Over the years many activities have been developed for seekers of adventure sports. There are facilities for those who are interested in hiking in the rain forest, horseback riding, ocean kayaking, canopy tours, waterfall rappelling, white water rafting, snorkeling, scuba diving or catch and release sport fishing.

With the many incentives offered by Nicaragua to foreigners, many ex-patriots are buying Nicaragua real estate and setting up business as promoters of adventure travel and ecotourism. Nicaragua is much cheaper than Costa Rica and people who find Costa Rica too crowded and expensive are looking to Nicaragua. The government in Nicaragua however is determined not to make the mistakes Costa Rica did and is careful about not degrading the environment and ecosystem by over development.

The Caribbean coast of Nicaragua is largely undeveloped and sparsely populated. The infrastructure here has not been developed as much as the Pacific coast. Most of the ethnic folk are fishermen making the most of the rivers and the sea. The time is ripe to create nature-related leisure pursuits over here, as the demand for it and interest in eco-tourism in the region increases. Environmental economists believe that eco-tourism succeeds in generating income for rural dwellers and also inculcates a sense of the economic value of natural resources.

The rain forests of Nicaragua are second only to the Amazon valley. Interest in the forests and wildlife can be developed into successful ecotourism projects. Conservation agencies are working in many areas in Nicaragua and encouraging poor rural communities to manage natural resources. The economic benefits of tourism are not lost on the people here and they are gradually learning not to denude the natural ecosystem for their personal benefit. Development of eco-lodges will naturally create jobs for the local people. Visitors are encouraged to spend on local produce and to promote local crafts.