Christianne Meneses Jacobs

Nicaraguan American writer, editor and teacher, Christianne Meneses Jacobs was born in Managua, Nicaragua in 1971. Christianne was 17 years old when her family – father, mother and brother – moved to Los Angeles. She soon showed an interest in journalism and while attending Los Angeles High School, Christianne Meneses Jacobs served as editor in chief for both the English and Spanish school newspapers.

As a diligent student, Christianne excelled in all academic subjects and was awarded a four year scholarship to Wesleyan University in Connecticut where she majored in Government, focusing on International Relations. After graduating from Wesleyan University, Christianne Meneses Jacobs began her working career as an elementary school teacher, receiving her Master of Arts Degree in Education in 2001. Christianne served as a bilingual teacher for a number of years before moving from Los Angeles to Arizona in 2002 where she continues to work as an educator.

In an effort to ensure that Spanish speaking children in the United States, including her own two children, cultivate a love and appreciation for the Spanish language and Latin American culture, Christianne Meneses Jacobs undertook to start publishing a Spanish language magazine aimed specifically at children aged 7-12 years – and so the magazine Iguana was born. Iguana features fictional tales with characters, settings and experiences which readers can relate to. The magazine also presents biographies and interviews with influential Latinos in America, as well as stories about children in other parts of the world. Science articles with experiments which can be tried out at home are also featured regularly in the magazine, as well as nature articles, historical articles, recipes for aspiring chefs, craft projects, artwork, games, puzzles, poetry, humor and competitions. Through Iguana, Christianne aims to contribute to Latino cultural preservation through instilling in young children a pride for their native language and an appreciation for their roots.

In addition to being the editor and publisher of Iguana, Christianne Meneses Jacobs is the president of her company NicaGal, and in 2007 she was honored as noteworthy entrepreneurial Latina by the Anna Maria Arias Memorial Business Fund. Clearly Christianne Meneses Jacobs has not forgotten her Nicaraguan roots.