A Unique Adventure at Finca Esperanza Verde

Located in Central Nicaragua, amidst the breathtaking mountains and tranquility of the countryside, is Finca Esperanza Verde, meaning Green Hope Farm. The farm is easily reachable from Managua, which is a hundred and sixty kilometers away, and Matagalpa, approximately thirty kilometers from Finca Esperanza Verde. The motivation behind the farm was to create a nature reserve as well as an ecolodge. It is the perfect example and proof that it is possible to run a farm without destroying nature or displacing the animals that live in the area.

A neglected and forgotten coffee farm was purchased for the Finca Esperanza Verde in 1997, through the dedication and support of the Sister Communities of San Ramon in Nicaragua. This magnificent organization restored the farm buildings and began to cultivate the lost coffee plantations into fertile organic farming land. Over the years, the small arabica coffee plantation has grown to be a respected twenty-eight acre coffee producer and was ranked amongst the top ten coffees during the 2007 Nicaragua Cup of Excellence Competition. Visitors to the farm will be given a complete tour of the coffee operation, and are allowed to join in on the coffee activities for a hands-on experience in organic farming.

If coffee does not interest visitors, the Butterfly farm surely will. Here, in the six hundred square foot pavilion, guests will learn about this winged creatures, and can assist in caring for and rearing the butterflies. The pupa that are raised here are exported across the world and can be described as a basic butterfly-breeding program. To ensure that the caterpillars are able to feed and become pupa, the farm grows a garden containing all the different plant species that are eaten by the various caterpillars. Finca Esperanza Verde is also known for its amazing bird life and wonderful variety of bird species. Many rare birds have been seen here and local guides know exactly where the best locations are to view some of these feathered beauties. Visitors are also allowed to hike through the magnificent rainforests, on the marked routes, at their own leisure. The trails will take hikers past breathtaking waterfalls and into the heart of the dense forests. For those who are a little opposed to walking, horseback trails are also available to explore the rainforests.

Accommodation at Finca Esperanza Verde can host a maximum of twenty-six guests at a time in the lovely solar powered cabins. There are camping facilities available or you can enquire about accommodation at host families. Finca Esperanza Verde has managed to grow into world leading organic coffee producers, offering education and luxury accommodation to visitors, while preserving the environment and raising awareness of global issues in regards to nature, wildlife and eco-friendly, organic farming.