Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua with Big Foot Hostel

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua, just outside of Leon is one of the most popular tourist activities. Cerro Negro is the youngest active volcano in Central America and its popularity stems from an activity just over a decade old. Arriving in Leon, you cannot help but notice that the city is plastered with signs offering volcano boarding. The story is that when an Aussie hostel owner, who grew up sandboarding, saw the slopes of Cerro Negro he realized it had potential. Now hoards of backpackers flock to Leon to sit on a piece of plywood pimped with Formica to jet down the side of the volcano. Although I had been in Leon three weeks I still hadn't gone volcano boarding and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than barreling down a mountain. It's an easy 45 minute hike to the top with, thankfully, many stops along the way. When I realized we had to carry own on boards I was a bit worried I'd feel like the slow piggy up the volcano as I had been while climbing Pacaya. But it seems that stubbornness always prevails as I was not the last up the mountain; I was actually the first girl. Mr. Bacon was very proud. Our guide explained to us how to drive the board by placing our feet down lighting to steer or slow down and warned us not to instinctively put our hands down as they the rocks would shred our skin.