Visiting Nicaragua 2011

January 2011 - A wonderful visit to Nicaragua: Domitila Private Nature Reserve Montelimar Barcelo Resort LaCruz de Teustepe in Boaco - a very small town with wonderful people I highly recommend Alfredo Guiterrez for transportation. He is prompt, courteous, fluent in English and his vehicles have seatbelts! Why chance being involved in serious accident by driving a rental car? Nicaragua law mandates that anyone involved in an accident where someone is killed or seriously injured (even if it is the fault of the other driver) - you go to jail and await a trial to be cleared of fault! Contact info: Domitila is a very rustic lodge on private land in dry tropical forest. Birds include: Laughing Falcons, Lesser Ground-Cuckoo, White -Necked Puffbird , Black-headed trogon, parrots and many more. Howler monkeys are abundant and easy to photograph at close distances. MANY species of insects - some endemic, some undescribed, some newly described species. Good food. Rustic accommodations - mosquito nets provided. Peaceful, secluded and great night sky. Barcelo Montelimar All-inclusive Beach Resort - beautiful beach; huge pool; great buffet (breakfast, lunch, dinner); hotel or cabins; abundant variety of seashells; surfable waves; casino and night-time variety shows. LaCruz is in the township of Teustepe in the Department of Boaco. The town straddles the main highway headed toward San Carlos. No accommodations, no tourist shops -- just a nice little town to pass through.