Vacation Nicaragua RENT THIS PRIVATE BEACH HOUSE! Private Beach House 3000 sq ft 4 bedrooms/3 bath located on the beach of Huehuete 1.5 hours from Capital, Managua. for inquiries email USA TODAY writes "Safety: -Nicaragua is safe. Nicaragua has the lowest crime rate in Latin America according to Interpol, with only 12 crimes for every 100,000 citizens. -Further, the Harvard affiliated research group, INCAE, rated Nicaragua as the safest country in Central America. Nicaragua has become an increasingly popular destination for Americans as an attractive place to retire. Located in the same time zones and only a short flight from the major North American hubs, easy access is a major reason this will occur. An additional reason is lifestyle -- beaches, warm weather. But a big part of this is economics. Many of the more than 80 million baby boomers approaching retirement age don't have enough money saved for a comfortable retirement in the United States, but they have been able to move to Nicaragua and live very well. FREE TIMESHARE beach house Travel nicaragua surf free beach tropical vacation girls fishing horses volcanoes