Turtles born and released at Surf & Turtle Resort Punta Teonoste

Today October 31st, 2012 we released 86 turtles born today on our resort as part of our turtle program. This afternoon one turtle lay 156 eggs and those turtles with be born around Christmas. We have every week turtles at this moment that lay eggs on our beach. See the waves at the end of this video!! TURNING THE TIDE FOR SEA TURTLES For approximately six months of the year (July through December) hundreds of thousands of rare sea turtles return to the same beach in which they were born to lay millions of eggs. Because the Sea Turtle reproductive cycle obeys its lunar phases, these female turtles come ashore mostly during fuller moons, many of them laying their eggs on the pristine beaches of Punta Teonoste. There are other places in the world that bear witness to turtle hatching but Nicaragua is one of only four countries where turtle hatchings occur on such a large scale.